Mahalo nunui for the support!

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday! What a whirlwind of a weekend! I am tired to say the least, but more importantly so SO grateful! The Kāko’o that Welo received was so inspiring! It kickstarted this new week with a new sense of motivation and excitement for the future!

We started the weekend off on Friday with our two-day event in Hilo with Kāko’o Hawaii Market! The outpouring love that we received from our Kāko’o community was amazing to say the least. I am forever grateful to Jessica of Kamea Designs for the hard work that her and her team puts into these markets throughout the year, and for continuing to choose me as a vendor! The turnout was AMAZING!

Friday night I left my Mom, sister, and nieces behind to run day 2 of Kāko’o for me while I joined my other sister on O’ahu for day 1 of Ho’omau Hawaii Market. My sister and best friend set-up shop for me on Friday. Without these important ladies in my life, I would not have been able to pull these crazy weekends off as smooth as it was. They make my life so much easier, I truly don’t know how I would function without them! I love you guys so much!

Saturday was day 1 of Ho’omau Hawaii Market and our Ho’omau community SHOWED UP! Major Mahalo goes out to Kailee of Mahina Made for pouring her heart and soul into these markets. Her hard work pays off in favor of our whole Ho’omau community. Being a chosen vendor there always feels like winning the lottery. I am always so grateful to be chosen!!

We had a couple of professional photo shoots this weekend (the first professional shoots for Welo creations!) the first of the two by the amazing Kai Chang who effortlessly displayed that Welo isn’t just for the feminine but for all! I’m so excited to show them off!

The second shoot by none other than Mahina Choy herself. I always wanted nice market pictures with myself in it, but never felt comfortable to do so (I’m so awkward 🥴) but she was able to capture beautiful pictures of me, my girls, and my products in such a natural way. Her art captured the essence of Welo creations and I am so in love with them! Mahalo for your art!

None of this would have been possible without my team this weekend! My mom and Kai for keeping me organized, making our Palaka bands, and always tagging along and feeding me wherever we go. My big sister Mindy and nieces for taking control of our booth on Saturday in Hilo, they held it down and made me confident that they had things handled there! Our friends Kat and Sam for helping us in our booth on Saturday, you ladies made things so easy for me! My best friend/ sister Kawehi and Ekolu for pouring so much time and effort into our O’ahu set-up and making the MOST BEAUTIFUL set-up that Welo has ever had. Love you guys so much. Chas and Isaiah for literally EVERYTHING, my life would have been in shambles without them feeding me, driving me, organizing our whole O’ahu trip, and being my mind when I couldn’t think. Love you guys for all that you do for me and my family. Thank you so much.

And last but not least to my amazing Husband, the backbone of Welo Creations, Damian. He stayed up late nights these past weeks making jewelry with me, woke up early every morning to take the kids to school. And stayed back with them while I flew up to O’ahu. Welo wouldn’t be here without him. Love you so so much!